Friday, July 22, 2011

My Dog Loves BBQ

You have probably heard "After Laughter Comes Tears", a sick and oft-sampled Northern Soul joint from 1964 by Memphis house-shaker Wendy Rene. She's one of those artists who has an approach and vibe of almost reggae-like consistency. Meaning so many of her jams have the same feel and almost sound alike (dour, woeful and tormented someone-done-me-wrong soul laments) but you can still listen all day. Then some others are just fun and nuts (see "Bar B Q", below)... I assembled this best of today from a bunch of other online 45 rips, comp tracks, etc. Hope you dig it!

"MY DOG LOVES BBQ", The Absolute Best of Wendy Rene
1.Bar B-Q
2.What Will Tomorrow Bring
3.After Laughter Comes Tears
4.I Wish I Were That Girl
5.Give You What I Got
6.Can't Stay Away
7.Crying All By Myself
8.He Hasn't Failed Me Yet
9.Last Love
10.Love At First Sight
11.Young & Foolish
12.The Same Guy


Anonymous said...

how come more people aren't saying "thanks" and "you rock" and so on? Cause those things are true. As in:


You Rock

Anonymous said...

Ah–great! Thanks!!!

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