Sunday, January 9, 2011


I used to be really into throwing up a peace sign for any photo someone took of me. Maybe for like the last five years or so. There's probably a trend I was subconsciously following, or some mass-mind shift, as a lot of things I get into end up being. I generally find myself knowing about or getting really into stuff at the same time it reaches it's peak popularity, just like most people (simple equation, really.) I don't feel too bad about it, cause I'm not someone who prefers obscure things. There's a lot of value in things that millions of people adore, and just because everyone else in the world has a deep, personal connection with Fleetwood Mac or Motown, that doesn't make mine any less important to me.

The thing is, I've noticed a lot of people chucking deuces both in photos, in life, some cultural references here and there, and wherever I see it, it seems to have this mean-spirited undertone of "fuck you". Not "Ok, see you later, peace", but more of a weird power thing. Like "Uh huh, I am calling the shots here, and this call is to get the fuck out of here, later losers." Now that every pop song has a reference to commodifiable "Swagger" (so dumb. like saying "I've got so much brooding!" or "Y'all ain't got debonair like mine!") maybe the time-honored peaceful greeting/farewell has been balled up into that misappropriation. I never wanted to come off antagonistic or even ironic with a gesture, but I feel like those are the choices now for throwing the two fingers up. What the hell.

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