Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The (Beer) Hour Is Nigh

My friend Michelle Birawer starts a tour with her solo-noise/scrapped glass bits on reverb-coil jam Strange Brew pretty soon. Check out the tour dates below the jump. Her sounds are pretty unique, and she's supposedly made six different cassettes just for this tour! Also, if you haven't yet, you should get one of the 10 remaining copies of the lathe-cut 12" I recorded and released of some of her last-summer's sounds. Check that out right here.

Tour dates for Strange Brew winter jam.
All dates with Pregnant Spore

1/10/11 @ candle haus (4039 hallman street, fairfax, va) w/ hostage pageant, mannequin hollowcaust

1/11/11 @ port d'or (841 sterling place, brooklyn, ny) w/ opponents, penny royale, high school confidential, dj gypsy mayne

1/12/11 @ sugar city (19 wadsworth street, buffalo, ny) w/ pacing, barf vs puke. 7pm. $5.
1/13/11 @ overground studios (3481 denny street, pittsburgh, pa) w/ bum star, last of england. 7pm. $7. + more tba.

1/14/11 @ cool ranch/the 71st door [new name] (1946 east 71st street, cleveland, oh) w/ ruin (wyatt howland/skin graft), interstates etc., iron oxide

1/15/11 @ north end studios (2937 east grand boulevard, detroit, mi) w/ totally boring, telephone callers, dj no salvation, cujo (knox mitchell+anthony viviano), tarpit, bad party + more tba. please note this show is no longer at the caid.

1/16/11 niles, mi w/ fatale, nookleptia, fractured perception. more info coming soon.

1/17/11 @ pancho's (2200 north california avenue, chicago il) w/ red electric rainbow, personal injury lawyer

1/18/11 black mass XV I & false flag 2x floppy disk release (auris apothecary) @ rachael's cafe (300 east 3rd street, bloomington, in) w/ pusdrainer. 10pm.

1/19/11 @ gates of hell (131 xenia ave, dayton, oh) w/ plasmic formations, developer, clvlll, i am foresight

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