Friday, October 30, 2009

This Year Halloween Fell On A Weekend

Happy haunted internet, wild buddies. Today here is a semi-spooky Micromix, for your pre-Devul's Night partynap (arsonap?) or just to zone out to while you watch the leaves fall like a strange rain.
Micro #2/Friday October 30, 2009/3:16PM/Chilly walk, Ypsilanti Michigan
1.Funkadellic "Can You Get To That?"
2.Misfits "Hybrid Moments"
3.Rough Bunnies "My Baby Is Dead"
4.His Name Is Alive "Knock Is Open Wide"
5.Spacemen 3 "Walkin' With Jesus" (Demo)
6.Joan Of Arc "God Bless America"
Total Running Time: 15min 26sec

Download here.

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Anne of Portland said...

Thanks for posting this. Keep these coming...delish!