Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pure Tones (Tonal Purity)

When I was in 4th grade how old was I then? Seven, eight, nine?
Pre-teen/pre-sex/pre-id/pre-most stuff priorities were different than they would be even a couple years later. By thirteen and fourteen the kids on the bus to freshman year of High School were already doin' it, smoking a pack a day, well over drinking Mad Dog 20/20 and talking about inhaling freon from their dad's heating and cooling business. I was always too scared for any of the above, or even to just buy the Metallica shirt and the British Knights and smoke the Marlboro reds like any self-respecting burnout peer of mine was doing. Months signified insurmountable change at those ages, and I guess at every age depending on some variables. At nine, before the maelstrom, the most important thing was getting permission to spend the night at each other's houses, and giddy terror over whatever horror movie was coming up and if we'd get to see it and if it was real or not, and always the radio on to some weird top 40 or late-night Quiet Storm R&B Detroit station, feeling time evaporate completely and not sure if I'd fallen asleep or just sat in the beanbag chair in still contemplation all night, mesmerized by the newness of everything and the soft MIDI keyboard tones that filled the basement.