Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Soft Mistakes

I left the house once today, technically after the day was over. I'm finishing recording all the sounds for the City Center LP and in a few weeks I go on a short tour ending in Detroit where I'll mix and assemble with Warn. I'm so fucking stoked I can't even explain it. Everything sounds really muddy and layered as fuck right now, so I'm hoping to get a really clear murk as opposed to the bottlecaps on the ocean floor murk I've got happening now. Today I all but finished a song called "Open/House". There's a bajillion tracks of samples and drums and weirdness, but the second half has some good stuff underneath it all, so I made a mix of just the second half, all the layers peeled back. I guess this would be the "House" part.

City Center "Hawse"

Teenagers know that they're going crazy
They run from from stage to stage to stage
But their broken bones are just another part of the play
Clenched jaw and always raw frustration
Subject to change and change and change
My heart, for now, is just another part of where you could stay
Hurt house with all the windows open
See out through layers of soft mistakes
And my flash on you is just another part of the play.

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BJK said...

i love this!

can't wait to hear the rest...

did you make those bamboo-chime-fake-gamelan-xylophonic-things?! i was thinking of making an instrument by deconstructing metal and bamboo chimes just like that...