Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Courtesy Was The Case That They Gave Me

Best moment of tour? Hard to call, but envisioning a world where Snoop Dogg was the most positive figure of our time was up there. (Rolling down the street, making friends yo! Sippin' on some Hi-C, with my mind on my buddies and my buddies on my mind.) Back in NY working on new stuff, but getting some shit out of storage in Michigan revealed about a four hundred cassettes and 250 CDs of unmixed, unreleased half-assed jams. So much of it is unlistenable, but some is both unlistenable and fun.
WTF Beat From 2002

Spent all my time in New York so far fascinated with the movie "Slacker", a super low-budget pre-90's youth-as-dumbass-culture/ stream-of-annoyingness piece set in Austin Texas. Something about it. More soon.


nick said...

LOLcat sez
"Dis beet has fuk'd flavors! Cans I has them?"

Dustin said...

You pretty much nailed 'Slacker' on the head. I had that same thing a few years ago. My conclusion: into it.