Friday, March 21, 2008

Reverse Urgency

As mentioned, I've been doing a ton of stuff in the last week or so, and getting ready for even more. Rather than slowly make the switch to elongated (or potentially boring) summaries of my every happenstance, I'll present you with the truncated form, in order of reverse urgency.

Lexington: Drove a hell-bending stretch from Texas to Kentucky by myself, and played an incredibly giving and joyful set Saturday night at The Shrieking Shack, punk/awesome/holistic house of my friends Lauren, Darin and their son Denali. A more attentive, excitable, thoughtful audience could not be found, and the show was great. There was a full-on drum circle after my set!!!! Mind blown, and more than a lot of love circulating. It was actually pretty hard to leave, following such an intense night of partying, communicating and jamming then a morning of homemade waffles and even more jamming, complete with percussion by young Denali. There is some video up of this show on youtube, including the footage from my last posting and also some super psychedelic stuff here.

When Sons Delay: I am camped out at Sellwood's house in Michigan while he's on tour and I'm waiting for shows to happen. Ryan came over on Tuesday night and we had a monstrous jam, then worked on a new City Center song called "Because". The mathematics of delay seem to be connected to the guy's inner coil of self, as he nailed some crazy algorithms every time. Here are two of the pieces.
Ryan Howard & Fred Thomas "Untitled 1"
Ryan Howard & Fred Thomas "Untitled 2"
Recorded March 18, 2008.
Ryan Howard: Guitar, Percussion, Electronics
Fred Thomas: Guitar, Sampler, Vocals, Electronics

Songs Love Shows, But Songs Hate To Say So: After not a very long time, but what felt like a while in anticipation, the City Center 7"s arrived today! Invisible Friend is the name of the label, and the single has a new, different version of "Gold Girls" and the full-orchestration heavy bass swooner "Bray (All Day)". Nick hooked up some sweet full-color covers, but the printer screwed them up, so the first batch are kind of... "interesting" looking. I am beyond stoked however to have this in the world. 339 copies total, all on white vinyl.

Also, I got some copies today of a project I recorded last year called Everyone. The record is called "Desperate Times", and it's two long sound-collages I made while I was living in Portland and going through some very desperate times. Heavy dub-drone /who-the- fuck-is talking?- They-voice-all-weird kind of sound. It's a non-CDR silver disc on Kenedik Records, though I'm not sure how many they made. Songs are "Desperate Times" (13min 23sec) and "I Once Was Lost (But Now Can See)" (16min 16sec).

If you're interested in getting either of these releases, I can mail-order you copies and we can do some sort of paypal thing. Drop a comment here with your e-mail or hit me directly at westsideaudio (at) gmail (dot) com.

Michigan, Highs & Lows: There are two City Center shows in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area in the next few days. If you're reading this blog, you may already have a deep Michigan connection, so if you live here, please come out! They both look to be really promising and potentially very different from each other.

Saturday March 22: UFO Factory, Detroit. All Ages.
1345 Division. Suite 101
City Center, Silverghost (Marcie & Delano's duo lover's rock band), Hitoko & Windy.
9 PM, $5.00

Monday March 24: The Alibi, Ann Arbor. All Ages.
603 N. Main Street
City Center, Jeffery Lewis, Annie Palmer, Actual Birds.
8PM, $6.00

Unless I'm forgetting the most urgent thing of all, that should about do it for now. I hope to see some of you at the shows and hopefully the next post will be less lengthy and far less urgent. The first day of spring went well, and the second one looks even better.


Anonymous said...

Is there a website that lists all the city center show dates?

the songs you have been posting are pretty f'ing amazing. They are especially good when listened to through an alarm clock in a hotel room in orlando, fl at midnight.

Anonymous said...

Hey --

Is there anywhere in the US I can buy a copy of the "Gold girls" 7"? The only place online I can find it is, & I'm looking to avoid playing the crummy exchange + s&h from UK. Help! Please respond to:

Thanks, KPC